Thetanuts Finance: Distributing Arbitrum STIP Bridge Incentives

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2 min readJun 19, 2024


In May 2024, Thetanuts Finance became eligible to receive an additional 200,000 $ARB under the Arbitrum STIP Bridge — allowing us to further incentivize users of Thetanuts Finance on Arbitrum. Thetanuts Finance had previously received another 200,000 $ARB under Arbitrum STIP, which was awarded in November 2023.

This article seeks to outline how we intend to distribute Arbitrum STIP Bridge Incentives to members of the Thetanuts Finance community on Arbitrum, and our rationale for doing so.

Recap of Thetanuts Finance’s Arbitrum STIP Incentives

Thetanuts Finance distributed our initial Arbitrum STIP Incentives over a 8-week period, distributing 25,000 $ARB to users on Arbitrum each week. Users on Arbitrum under the below categories were eligible to receive $ARB rewards:

  • Users using Pendle PT Strategy Vaults
  • Users on Add Liquidity Module
  • Users with Long Positions
  • Users with Boosted Short Positions

After the end of the 8-week distribution period, Thetanuts Finance went one step further to distribute 5,000 $ARB per week to users on Arbitrum — which was paid out from the Thetanuts Finance treasury.

In order to create sticky liquidity between Arbitrum STIP and Arbitrum STIP Bridge, Thetanuts Finance also promised that 25% of $ARB rewards from Arbitrum STIP Bridge would go to users who retained their liquidity in Thetanuts Finance during the interim period.

Distributing Arbitrum STIP Bridge

We intend to distribute Arbitrum STIP Bridge over a 12-week period.

To reward sticky liquidity in Thetanuts Finance during the interim period between Arbitrum STIP and Arbitrum STIP Bridge, the 50,000 $ARB will be distributed to users that have fulfilled this criteria. This 50,000 $ARB will be distributed over the 12-week period to eligible users.

The remaining 150,000 $ARB will be distributed to liquidity providers on Thetanuts Finance over a 12-week period, according to the below breakdown. Note that these weights are subject to change by the Thetanuts Finance team depending on market conditions.

  • Users using Pendle PT Strategy Vaults: 65%
  • Users on Add Liquidity Module: 20%
  • Users with Long Positions: 5%
  • Users with Boosted Short Positions: 10%

$ARB rewards will be available for claim on a bi-weekly basis on Mondays, on our Incentives page.


We’re thankful to the Thetanuts Finance community for their constant support, and for the support of Arbitrum DAO in awarding us these incentives. Please feel free to reach us on our Twitter and Discord if you have any questions!



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