Thetanuts Basic Option Vault Migration

Thetanuts Finance
2 min readAug 26, 2022


As the DOV space matures, there has been an increased demand for exotic option strategies. In order to compose more complex strategies, Thetanuts Finance is upgrading to ‘V1 Tech Stack’ from ‘V0 Individual Option Vaults)

After upgrading to ‘V1 Tech Stack’, users:

  1. Will be able to see their BASIC VAULT (individual option vault) positions on the position tab on the portfolio page on version 0.
  2. Can claim their ‘requested withdrawals’ from BASIC VAULT (individual option vault) without having to wait for settlement of the new epoch.
  3. Can deposit into vaults without having to wait for the end of the previous epoch

After gathering feedback from the Thetanuts Finance community, we have decided to upgrade to V1 with the following details:

  1. Until 2/9, BASIC VAULTS will still be operational, hence users can deposit & withdraw normally, and vaults will generate yield as usual.
  2. Starting from 2/9, Thetanuts Team will migrate users’ assets from V0 to V1 in 3 batches according to the timetable shown the in images below.
  3. Thetanuts team will migrate users’ funds to ‘V1 Tech Stack’ automatically if the user doesn’t withdraw before ‘PAUSE’. During the migration period (From ‘PAUSE’ to ‘RESTART’), vaults will be idle and not generate yield.



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