The Expansion of Alt Coin Structured Products

Thetanuts Finance
2 min readNov 15, 2021

Crypto markets have been growing rapidly. However, currently widespread access to crypto options are limited to a few major centralized exchanges and to mostly just ETH and BTC pairings. As the market matures, structured products are the next logical step to enable deeper liquidity. Options are useful hedging products to manage one’s corporate or personal treasury. The DeFi space has also shown how it can be used to generate yield with a simple UI and in a decentralised way for the everyday farmer.

BTC and ETH structured products are mainly traded on Deribit for institutional players. This liquidity allows for an ease to fast movement of capital into and out of BTC and ETH which gives larger institutions the confidence to deploy larger amounts of capital.

Expanding AltCoin Liquidity

Currently Alt Coin options are traded in black boxes through regulated OTC intermediaries. There are also restraints on the asset types and sizes of trades that investors can do.

DeFi was conceptualised with the everyday person in mind and there should not be any tools or services only available to a select few. As traditional finance continues to lag behind, decentralized finance projects can fill this gap on Alt-Coin options.

Thetanuts levels the playing field by providing access to structured products for all cross chain.

What is Thetanuts

Thetanuts is a cross-chain protocol currently deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and BSC. Thetanuts vaults allow for anyone to access automated structured products strategies such as a covered call or covered put strategy by simply depositing to the corresponding vault.

The premium from enacting the strategy will then be divided amongst the participants in proportion to their contributions to the vault. The premiums from each week can differ and it is represented as projected yield (APY).

The availability of options gives regular traders accessibility to the winning edge many institutions have by performing these strategies. Mainly to hedge their positions and collect yield in an automated manner.

Thetanuts is here and we are ready to fill this need.



Thetanuts Finance

Thetanuts Finance is building a decentralised on-chain options protocol focused on altcoin options 🥜❓