After $NUTS TGE: The Next Chapter for Thetanuts Finance

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2 min readMay 21, 2024


Since our inception in September 2021, Thetanuts Finance has come a long way from our early days as the leading Options Vault protocol — to our current form as the leading on-chain Options protocol focused on altcoin options after our first-to-market v3 Upgrade.

Yesterday, we marked a significant milestone in our history — with the Token Generation Event (“TGE”) of $NUTS, where users can trade $NUTS on both centralized and decentralized venues. These venues include:

  • Centralized: Bybit, Gate, Bitget, MEXC, Woo Network
  • Decentralized: Uniswap v2

With our TGE, we believe it is now time to reveal our upcoming roadmap with the Thetanuts Finance community — and to share how $NUTS will continue to accrue value over time to token holders.

Continuing our Multi-chain Focus

We continue to see a distinct gap within the altcoin options space, given that altcoins have high volatility and sometimes no means of generating yields. Thetanuts Finance will continue to work together with high-priority networks (inc. L1s and L2s), to support native altcoin options on these networks. In working closely with these networks, we hope to receive ecosystem rewards from their Foundations — which we are likely to distribute to our users to generate additional sources of organic yields for users of Thetanuts Finance.

Integrating Innovative Assets

Thetanuts Finance will continue to monitor the DeFi landscape for innovative assets to incorporate into our products. In the past quarter, Thetanuts Finance has allowed for Pendle users to utilize their PT assets on Thetanuts Finance to generate additional $ETH option premiums — where PT assets would otherwise not have additional use cases aside from being held to maturity. Upcoming opportunities for such innovative assets include Karak assets, though Thetanuts Finance will continue to keep an eye out for such opportunities.

Allowing Composability of Thetanuts Finance Call & Put LP Tokens

$XYZ-C and $XYZ-P are Thetanuts Finance’s tokenized Basic Vault positions, and form the backbone of all trading strategies on Thetanuts Finance. In the future, we intend to build additional use cases on top of these Basic Vault LP Tokens — which in turn will drive more value to Thetanuts Finance.

Governance & Token Value Accrual

Thetanuts Finance intends to eventually decentralize certain aspects of governance to the Thetanuts Finance DAO over time, where $veNUTS holders will be able to govern and propose changes to Thetanuts Finance — including issues related to value accrual.


We’re excited about the $NUTS TGE, and our upcoming roadmap. Feel free to reach us on our Twitter and Discord if you have any questions, and stay tuned for upcoming updates.



Thetanuts Finance

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